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Compton Parish Council owns Watts Chapel and Cemetery. In 2014 Watts Gallery Trust agreed to take on the long-term management of the Chapel and Cemetery, the Parish Council remains the Burial Authority and requests for burial information should be directed to the Parish Council Clerk, Joanna Cadman - telephone 07711 566458


At present, only those people who live in Compton at the time of their death are eligible to be buried in a new grave, unless they previously purchased a plot whilst living in the parish.


Only residents of Compton are eligible to purchase a plot. Applicants from outside the parish may have their ashes interred in an existing family grave (or, if the grave is a double one, a spouse living outside the parish may be interred).


Ashes may be scattered, in the ash scattering area near zone 5, by any applicant, upon payment of a fee.


Applications from outside the Parish can be considered on a case by case basis by the Cemetery Committee / Parish Council.


The cemetery has been awarded a Grade II listing by English Heritage and the Chapel has long been Grade I. To retain the exceptional high quality expected of a cemetery of this standing, regulations must be adhered to and may be different to other cemeteries.

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