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A database of Compton residents is currently held by ex Parish Council Chairman, Fiona Curtis, enabling her (on a voluntary basis) to send out updates, the content of which is supplied by organisations such as the Compton Village Association or Compton Parish Council. Sub-committees and other associations (Church, Watts Gallery, Local Plan Committee, Traffic Committee, Allotment Society, Village Hall and Compton Club have contributed as has GBC and SCC as well as news of a political nature.


As of 25th May it will be necessary to prove that data held is permitted and that data handling details are clear.


To this end we therefore ask you to SUBSCRIBE to Compton Updates before 25th May. If you choose not to subscribe we will not be able to send further updates after this date (note the hearing for the much awaited Local Plan begins in June 2018, to name but one good reason for remaining registered).


The database will be held by Ken Miller (Chairman Compton Village Association), Joanna Cadman (Clerk to Compton Parish Council), Jane Turner (Editor Compton NEWS) [and Fiona Curtis temporarily]. Those on the database will be informed of any changes and can opt out at any time by contacting the sender - currently Joanna Cadman -, Ken Miller, Jane Turner -, Fiona Curtis -

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