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1938 - Parish Council


This photograph taken in 1938 is the only photograph we have of a Parish Council. If anyone has any others, please do send them to the Clerk who will endeavor to add them to this site.


Back row is Albert Frederick Jackson (Marian May’s grandfather) and Parish Councillor from 1913 to 1955 or thereabouts. He ran Jacksons builders and Jacksons Corner is named after this. His firm (Jackson & Heale) was involved in the erection of a number of buildings in the area including Limnerslease.


Charles Sidney How ran Sunnydown school (now Compton Heights). He became a councillor in 1910 and was still a Councillor in 1949.  His sister Dorothy Mary How, later became a Parish Councillor and in 1949, she married the Chairman, Richard Bond. They lived at the Dykeries in the 1950’s.


Frank George Norris was on the Parish Council from 1912 to 1952. He lived at island Cottage.


Front row is A Bullen, who was clerk and responsible for many of the entries in the Watts Cemetery register.


General Francis Cecil More Molyneux joined the Parish Council in 1928 as Francis Cecil Longbourne. Later entries show FC Longbourne More-Molyneux.


Mrs Eleanor Terry was the second female to become a Parish Councillor in Compton (the first was Anita Esther Weir, in 1919).  Mrs Terry was on a number of committees, was a successful fundraiser and organiser of events. She lived at The Grange in the Avenue after the new rectory had been built in 1912/13. Mrs Terry gave temporary residence to the Benwells whilst they were awaiting completion of their house. [Margaret Benwell still lives in Compton].


Major Rudkin was instrumental in the acquisition of the land for the Village Hall. He lived at Brook house with his wife, until their deaths in 1948. He became a Parish Councillor in 1934 and was still a councillor when he died. It was Major Rudkin who put together a village album in 1935 and a letter was published in The Times in 1940 about the importance of capturing local history.


pc 1938

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