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2016 - Activity and Progress in Brief

Down Lane


Pedestrian strip replaced with white line

Paint brushes to be moved & differentiation at road crossing to Limnerslease

The Avenue


Trimmed back to improve safety for pedestrians



Ditch deepened to improve drainage

Pond - Withies Lane


Silt removed and re-sited

Minor landscape improvements to surroundings - reseeded.


In Progress

Village Sign


Following a great deal of work and a full consultation, Compton Parish Council submitted plans for a Village Sign. You can comment HERE. Application no 16/P/01884

Cemetery Hand Rail


Having consulted with those who need some assistance in accessing the cemetery, Compton Parish Council agreed to fund the installation of a handrail at the cemetery, which, was installed by Watts Gallery.



Compton Parish Council website was produced. We hope you find it useful.

For further details see the minutes of meetings of view the check list

activity 1

VAS - Vehicle Activated Sign


It was agreed that we could have a 30MPH sign with a camera but instead we received a duplicate version of the old one, which said 'Slow Down'. The traffic committee has gained approval to replace it and must now agree funding and time lines.

Parish Council Review


The Parish Council Review compared our activity and overall effectiveness with other Parish Councils. As a result it was decided that the clerk would spend 2 hours a week in Compton (Thurs pm at Watts Gallery), would copy in relevant councillors on all correspondence and the PC would consider monthly meetings if needed.

CPC contributed to independent surveys


To inform our input into the local plan, Compton Parish Council contributed towards an independent SHMA carried out by GRA (Guildford Residents' Association) and a traffic survey plus a landscape assessment.

Himalayan Balsam Clearance


Residents came out in force in the summer of 2016 to help clear the woodlands of this attractive invader that spreads like wild fire! Each year residents take to the woods and each year we believe there is less that the previous year, so it must be working. Drinks in the Withies afterwards make it worth the effort!

Play Area


Following consultation Compton Parish Council will introduce an extension to the play area as part of a two-part scheme beginning in 2017. The scheme will incorporate an adventure trail, a zip wire and new fencing as well as a facility for disabled children.

War Memorial


Cllr Sharples and the Clerk are in the process of getting quotes from a very limited pool of people with the necessary skills and availability to do the work. Work to be done includes filling cracks, checking electrics and re-painting names on the plaque.